Senior ServicesSenior or Student Counselling Fees

We offer special counselling rates for Seniors and Students living in the Okanagan because of the high cost of living in the Central Okanagan.

It can also be difficult for seniors and students to find accessible, affordable housing, and access critical health care services leading to an increase in stress and depression. We hope to assist in alleviating some of this financial burden by offering competitive counselling rates and special rates for our seniors and students living in our local community.

We recognize that the cost to some seniors can often be overwhelming  due to their limited financial situation, higher health care needs that cost more and possible mobility/disability concerns. We hope to make our counselling services more accessible for those who require support in accessing our services by offering these special rates, subsidies in some cases without skimping on a service delivery.

At Orchard Valley Counselling Services we believe that our fees should be fair, provide quality, and reflect the professional level of the counselling services that our clients receive. As part of this, we have carefully considered the costs of providing counselling services in the Kelowna and West Kelowna area, as well as the costs of other comparable service providers.

We also believe that the fees should be flexible so that as many clients as possible are able to afford the help that they need and the counselling services we provide.

Our current rate for a senior is $85/ 50mins, a full-time student is $85/ 5omins or a part-time student is $95/ 5omins. Social Work counselling fees are Tax Exempt so no tax will be charged to the client.

All of our fees are in accordance with the recommended fee guidelines set forth by the BC Association of Social Workers. We may also offer a sliding fee scale for those who are having significant financial hardship, in an effort to make our counselling services affordable and accessible to clients that are in need.

Our senior and student counselling fees include: the full service of our administration team, who are available to answer phone calls, respond to emails, assist with answering questions about our services, or anything else that may make the overall process as seamless and easy as possible.

If you have a particular concern about affordability, please contact our office staff at 250.718.7457or email us at Counselling Services Kelowna

How Do I Make Payment?

Payment is required either in advance of the first booked counselling appointment or at the conclusion of all counselling sessions. For your convenience, Orchard Valley Counsellors are able to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, cash or email money transfers in payment for all sessions.

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