Senior Support Services

The team at Orchard Valley Counselling Services have specialized training for senior support services in our community. They have knowledge and the education of how to complete screening for dementia, depression, delirium and other challenges related to aging. Our staff are also trained to use counselling interventions specific to seniors and are knowledgeable about the current community resources for seniors. Should they for some reason not have the answer for you, they have easy access to a wealth of information about community resources specific to senior citizens through different access points.

Individual, couple and family counselling is available to people in West Kelowna or the Kelowna Area. We offer these services to seniors aged 65 yrs and older on an ongoing basis or for a single session at our Orchard Valley Counselling Services Centre in West Kelowna.  OVCS’ staff have received training to work with people aged 65 and older and their caregivers to help them cope with topics that include:

  • Life transitions such as retirement, shift in work life, move to more supportive housing and lifestyle changes
  • Strained family dynamics
  • Caregiver strainElder Abuse
  • Grief and loss
  • Social isolation causing depression and anxiety
  • Health changes including memory concerns
  • Trauma, and possible abuse (all allegations of abuse and/or neglect including but not limited to emotional, physical, sexual, financial;etc. should be reported to Interior Health Authority at Interior Health is a designated agency and responds to reports of adult abuse and neglect. Visit the Getting Help page for more information, contact a designated agency responder in your community or call toll-free 1-844-870-4754. If you’re a senior, please contact the seniors health care support line. This is a dedicated phone line which is now available to provide seniors and their families with support for health-care related issues.  Learn more. If you are at imminent risk of harm, please call 911 immediately.

Recognizing Signs & Symptoms of Abuse or Neglect 

Seniors can also receive information about community resources available to support them and assistance to plan for meeting their future care needs.

Family counselling is available to assist families to plan for future care, help seniors express their wishes to their family members, and to discuss end-of-life care planning, health and personal care planning as needed with a focus on the Advance Care Planning Directive, discussion about Power of Attorney, and Representation Agreements.

Please note: This is not a substitute for professional legal advice.

If you have questions about our support services for seniors, please contact our intake administrator at 250.718.7457 or leave a message.

No emergency services are provided by OVCS and should be followed up by calling your local RCMP at 911. 

We do provide Caregiver and Family Counselling Support Services either privately or in a group setting in the West Kelowna office near you.


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